Nitya Sangha Mahila SHG Co operative Society Ltd

Journey of Nitya Sangha

Nitya Sanga formed in 2008 with 81 SHG have expanded to 221 SHG and 2538 members at present. The SHG members are getting different benefits through Nitya Sangha as linking with government scheme, Health insurance benefit Card, Social benefit card, Training on different skill for livelihood and the also they are getting loan from Sangha for different livelihood initiatives. Nitya Sangha is presently functioning as Bank which allows saving and credit to its members. Nitya Sangha is presently engaged in different livelihood activities. The key ongoing activities are – Tailoring, Mushroom Production and processing unit , Vegetable cultivation and collaborate marketing,  Fish farming in Bio-floc, Food processing unit (pickles, Jam, Jelly, Sauce etc) and soon on.

Nitya Sangha is well connected with many government departments as Agriculture department, Livestock department, Social scheme department etc. They put proposal to these department for different schemes for their members. Also MGNREGA work is being allotted to Nitya sangha which they distribute among their women members. This is creating wage and income for SHG women along with the creation of assets.

With their work effectiveness and coordination with Gram Panchayat, now they are member of Panchayat Upa-samiti (GP level Committee) and took part in every meeting/decision of Panchayat on different scheme allotment. The PRI representatives prefer to reach women through Nitya Sangha which ensures democratic decentralization of Planning and unbiased implication.

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