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Nitya Sanga formed in 2008 with 84 SHG have
expanded to 294 SHG and 3126 members at present. The SHG members are getting
different benefits through Nitya Sangha as linking with government scheme,
Health insurance benefit Card, Social benefit card, Training on different skill
for livelihood and the also they are getting loan from Sangha for different
livelihood initiatives. Nitya Sangha is presently functioning as Bank which
allows saving and credit to its members. Nitya Sangha is presently engaged in
different livelihood activities. The key ongoing activities are – Tailoring,
Mushroom Production and processing unit , Vegetable cultivation and collaborate
marketing,  Fish farming in Bio-floc, Food 
processing unit (pickles, Jam, Jelly, Sauce etc) and soon on. 

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Banana Ripening

Estd. 8th Marth 2023, under company marketing management

Kantha Stitch

Total HHs 1150 Total SHGs 217 Covered UPA Sangha

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Goatery Farm

Poultry Farm

Piggery Farm

Masroom Production

Goatery Farm

Goatery Farm

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